About Us

Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus by creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue:


We’re about relationships. It really is that simple. We understand that God intends for all of us to know Him personally and to experience Him intimately. From this foundation we embark on an entirely new direction in life. We are made new again, given a fresh start, and empowered to live a radical life, a life beyond our wildest imaginations.


Something happens when like-minded people begin to share their lives together in authentic ways. They become like the One they are following. They grow in understanding, grace, and knowledge, and discover new ways of living. Imagine what can happen when His people believe His promises and live by faith as He always intended.
CtV is just such a place to believe, belong, and become who God created you to be … check out the awesome environments/ministries we’re creating for you!


Almost everyone feels a need to belong to something bigger than themselves. We are designed to live together in community because we also belong to the family of God as expressed in relationships. God’s plan is that we belong to each other and to His church. When we don’t, we miss something. Discover for yourself the power in belonging.


Sunday 8.00AM
– Hymn based worship with Liturgy.
– Communion every Sunday
– Sanctuary Choir (September through April)

Sunday 9.30AM 
– Creative band led worship experience infusing music, reflection and learning.
– Communion every Sunday

Sunday School 9.30AM
– “Club 66” for children in Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Pastor Bruce Lerum  |  blerum@christthevictor.net

Church Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-12:00pm