Please join us as we bake a Bible cake. Bring your Bible and we will look up Bible verses and use the ingredient listed in the verse to bake our cake. Wear clothes that can get messy. This will be a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

Our new Sunday School year will begin September 9th at 9:30am. We will celebrate with a Rally Day Potluck at 11:00am. Please sign up in the Nook.

Doesn’t seem possible but it is almost time for Club 66 to begin another Sunday School year. This year from September through November we will be learning about Moses, Joshua, Ruth, Esther, and the Psalms of King David. We are excited to see our new class room and begin setting up our class decorations. Thanks to all who are working so diligently to make the dream of a class room with doors and walls a reality. If anyone has the DVD of The Prince Of Egypt that we can borrow during October please see me or Sarah Brown.
Blessings to all, Shalom – Becky Hampton

Summer Homework: Parents please help your children to sing their Books of the Old Testament song and assist them in learning the 10 Commandments. Let me know if you need a copy.

By the way, some have asked, “Why the name Club 66?” “ Well, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. That adds up to 66 books in the Bible. That’s why we are called “Club 66.”

As we see God bringing young families to Christ the Victor, volunteers are needed for nursery care during both services. Please sign up in the Nook! If you are interested in coordinating nursery care, contact the office at

CONFIRMATION CLASS – Mondays @ 5:00pm
For ages 12-17 (middle school thru high school). Encourage someone to come. For more information talk to Pastor Bruce.