February is going to be packed full of learning about Lent in Club 66. We are finishing our series on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Our first event will be Sunday, February 25th. The kids are collecting pennies. If you have any pennies collecting in pockets or your purses, please bring them on Sundays and give them to any of the kids. They will be happy to put them in our penny jar. Help us reach our 10 pounds of pennies by Easter. Thank you so much for your help.

Club 66 needs your used, plastic egg cartons (which hold 12 eggs) and solid colored (no character eggs please) plastic eggs for their Lent Event in February. All egg cartons and eggs need to be delivered to the church no later than Sunday, February 18.

The kids are into it, already. What is it? Their own event to help buy this property for God’s work. For only $5 you can buy a brick from one of our Club 66 Plus and older kids. Let’s fill the walls in the fellowship area. Questions? Talk to one of the kids… Becky Hampton or Maryann Mills.

As many of you know we have experienced a wonderful gift of growth in Club 66. We have grown so much we actually ran out of chairs for the children. God has as always answered prayers and sent us a new helper, Barbara Welker who will be teaching the 4-6 grade class while Sarah Brown will be teaching the pre-K thru Kindergarten class and I will be teaching the 1-3 grade. We will begin our class time with Nancy and music, followed by lesson time, then we will all join together for our craft, quiz and snack time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if next year we need more teachers and not only more little chairs but more tables. Keep praying for our children.

By the way, some have asked, “Why the name Club 66?” “ Well, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. That adds up to 66 books in the Bible. That’s why we are called “Club 66.”

As we see God bringing young families to Christ the Victor, volunteers are needed for nursery care during both services. Please sign up in the Nook! If you are interested in coordinating nursery care, contact the office at

CONFIRMATION CLASS – Mondays @ 5:00pm
For ages 12-17 (middle school thru high school). Encourage someone to come. For more information talk to Pastor Bruce.