Club 66 News

Thanks to each and every one who helped in any way with Club 66’s “Christmas By the Sea” program. We had a lot of fun making costumes, scenery and presenting our program. Thank you also to all who came to the program. It meant a lot to the children. It was a labor of love. 

Our winter session of classes continue in January: 
January 6 – Season of Epiphany

January 13 – Jesus is the light of the world
January 20 – What it means to be salt and light
January 27 – How can we bring light to the world?

Club 66 is still collecting pennies. Each penny helps us reach our goal for the building fund. So share your pennies with us and help Club 66 help the building fund. Beginning the second week of January we will have a sign up sheet in the Nook for anyone taking part in Club 66’s Spring Fling Craft Fair and Bake Sale. Remember, this is a fundraiser. All crafts must be donated to the event and all money raised goes to the building fund. 

By the way, some have asked, “Why the name Club 66?” Well, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. That adds up to 66 books in the Bible. That’s why we are called “Club 66.”