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On Tuesday, June 6th, the worst winter storm in 30 years hit the Western Cape of South Africa. The multitudes who live in extreme poverty and small shacks on Khayelitsha’s sandy coastline are in dire need of relief and restoration. Adding to the crisis, a second storm has brought snowfall (remembering that it is winter there) and icy temperatures to the region, and numerous fires have broken out and claimed many houses. The vulnerable need your help!
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Future leaders need present mentors…
The full impact of any ministry can’t be realized in the here and now. Rather it must be measured by the lives of future generations and future leaders, for only then can you see if the cycles of poverty and injustice are actually breaking.

Tshepo and Mathibela were both schoolboys with dreams of achieving more than was expected of them. They grew up together in Molelwane, a small village where almost half the residents are unemployed, food can be scarce, and higher education is rare. AIDS has also plagued the region, so many children grow up with only a single parent or no parents at all. Quality mentors can be hard to find in these conditions.

Tshepo and Mathibela both knew that to acheive their dreams, they would need to excel at school. But excelling in school would require a belief and confidence that they could do something that they’ve seen very few do. It would take a helpful guide who could encourage them during the hard times and push them to never give up. It would take a committed mentor.

But who do you turn to when mentors are hard to find? In the boys’ case, they turned to their local Fountain of Hope Church, and found pastor Victor Motlhampe (pictured above with Tshepo and Mathibela at their high school graduation). The mentorship received at the church instilled the young men with confidence, guided them with Biblical wisdom, and strengthened them in their relationship with Christ. Both Tshepo and Mathibela are pursuing college degrees and have plans to reinvest in their home village as mentors and businessmen.

In Molelwane, the long-term impact you own through your support is beginning to become evident. The cycles of poverty are breaking, and many young men like these are being raised up to carry on the change for many generations to come.

Growing food in the Cape of Fear is a new reality…
The large bay on the southwest corner of South Africa called the Cape of Fear has certainly earned its name. In centuries past, it was a watery graveyard for many wooden vessels trying to navigate between Europe and India. In present times, despite a great deal of modern development on its shores, the Cape is still a place of fear. Especially if you’re a resident of Khayelitsha – a sprawling, deeply impoverished township that stretches across a large section of the coastline.

Of the fears the vulnerable face in Khayelitsha, one of the greatest is food security. Unemployment is extremely high, government support is very low, and growing your own food in the sandy soil is almost impossible.

But with God, we know that nothing is actually impossible. In addition to having brought Orchard: Africa to the Western Cape province, He is also blessing the Food & Agriculture programs being run through local Khayelitsha churches. Food security is no longer a fear for some residents, but an emerging reality.
In April, the local government donated gardening tools, compost, and seeds to a church so it could build a model garden where community residents could be trained to grown their own produce. At these training sessions, attendees are given food supplies to stop the immediate food scarcity, and then they are trained & equipped to start their own home gardens. The farming methods are innovative for the area, and the 40 trainees from last month are filled with excitement and happiness as they now have gained the dignity of feeding their own families. These programs and gardens exist because of generous supporters like you. It’s your impact, and we hope it continues to grow to meet the huge needs of this region.

Easter is a time of great rejoicing…
Orchard’s Fountain of Hope Churches are an integral part of the mission to equip local churches across southern Africa to be the response to poverty and injustice. This is because the FOH churches serve as both testing grounds for new projects and programs, and because they are examples to the surrounding community churches that the programs work and hope can be restored.

This past Easter was a wonderful testament to God’s continued blessings and the power of holistic ministry, as all of the FOH churches in the North West Province were able to gather together for a weekend of celebration and praise. Many of the 500 attendees were drawn to Christ and His church through one of the four Programs – Education, Food & Agriculture, Care, and Ministry – being run by that church.

As a supporter of these churches, your are an owner of the impact they’ve made. Let us all rejoice in what God is doing in and through us all!



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