“Blessed are the meek” or “It’s about contentment.” – Matthew 5:5

Pastor Bruce Lerum

Meekness does not suggest weakness.

It’s an issue of the heart, not of muscle mass.

Galatians 5:22-23

Contentment is not dependent on circumstances.

It should be determined by inner attitude and the choices we make.

Philippians 4:13

“God wants to live inside us to show the world who He is.”  (In Touch.org)

When your source of strength is only from God, watch how He provides a more quiet and confident spirit.

John 15:8


Study Questions:

1. All of the beatitudes fly in the face of our culture. How can we be blessed in something not accepted by today’s standards?

2. How do you think people perceive meekness in today’s society?

3. Jesus teaching is always about others being more important than ourselves. What do we need to be to be (these are not duplicate words) content with not being first?

4. With Jesus as our source of strength, who will the world see?

5. How does that play out in our (your) everyday life? Does something need to change? What then?