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A.D. and Today – Beginning Easter Sunday

If you’ve been watching or reading the news, you can easily see that the kind of torture Christ endured during Holy Week is still being inflicted upon Christians in places like the Middle East at the hands of people identifying themselves as Islamic Extremists. So what is a Christian to do in these trying and turbulent times? What better place to go for answers than to the Book of Acts which is literally the story of what the 1st century church did under similar circumstances in the days, weeks and years after our Lord’s resurrection. As an added bonus, we have arranged for NBC to help us out with a 12 week television series entitled A.D. (Okay, we didn’t arrange it but we’re planning on using it to our advantage.) Each week during the series we’ll look at a section of scripture from the Book of Acts and then encourage you to watch (hopefully with others) Roma Downey’s film version of these incredible stories about very ordinary people. Our schedule is as follows:

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April 5 – The Power of Hope – Matthew 28:1-20

April 12 – Wait for Hope – Acts 1:1-8  

April 19 – Pentecost Power – Acts 2:1-42  

April 26 – A Time of Testing – Acts 4:1-31  

May 3 – Seeing the Big Picture – Acts 7:55-56 (No recording available)

May 10 – Scattered and Growing – Acts 8:1-4

May 17 – Building Bridges – Acts 8:5-25

May 24 – Before and After – Acts 9:1-22

May 31 – Dealing with the Past – Acts 9:22-29Guest Speaker: Becky Hampton

June 7 – Godly Interruptions – Acts 8:26-40, 9:20-25Special Message from Pastor Lerum in Africa

June 14 – Glory to God – Acts 9:32-43 

June 21 – Catch the Vision – Acts 10:1-48, 11:15-18 – Pastor Jim Hale (No recording available)

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