Starting the weekend of September 7th, we’re going to start a seven week study on what the Bible has to say about what a healthy relationship with God really looks like. We’re going to put that study into the context of our everyday lives and use some language that you will hear connected with all the sports activities that pick up in the fall. Over these next seven weeks while you’re hearing about or attending HS sporting activities to see friends/family, inundated with college and professional football games and maybe following major league baseball’s playoffs and the World Series, we’re going to ask ourselves, “am I just a fan of Jesus or am I really one of his followers?”

In preparation for each week and to assist you in your personal growth and reflection, we want to give you advance notice of who we’re studying, the key scripture we’re going to look at, an introduction to the different ways a fan or a follower deals with Jesus and the reason we think it is important for your life. Here’s what our series schedule will look like:

September 7 – Fan or Follower?  [Unavailable]

September 14 – Decision or Commitment?

September 21 – Intimacy or Information?

September 28 – Control or Surender? – Part 1

September 28 – Control or Surender? – Part 2

October 5 – Rules or Relationship?

October 12 – Week Six: Spirit-filled or Self-Propelled?

October 19 – Week Seven: No Jesus or Know Jesus?