Sermon – Nov 9:


Jonah Chapter 2

Luke 22:39-42


Jonah: A Reluctant Follower

It’s Not My Problem


From the belly of that great fish, Jonah cried out in repentance.

At the lowest places of life, we turn to God for deliverance.


Job 1:21 And [Job] said …


Even in repentance our prayers can be all about us … self-centered … egocentric.

Saying all the right things doesn’t guaranty the outcome we prefer.


Jonah 2:1-2


Commitment and follow-through are the result of self-examination and humble self-awareness.

God rarely takes us immediately away from the circumstances from which we wish to be delivered.


Matt 6:10 “Your will be done.”





God certainly got Jonah’s attention when Jonah found himself in the belly of the fish. How surprised would you think Jonah was when he found himself alive?


It appears, at this point, that Jonah went right to praying. In reading Jonah chapter 2, talk about the tone of Jonah’s prayer. What was going through his mind?


When we pray at times of distress, depression or grief, our prayers include a lot of “I or me” emphasis. What do you see as God’s reaction to that attitude? How might that change the outcome that we thing we need?


Jonah was still confronted with going to Nineveh. As you read his prayer, do you see any change in his heart?


Talk about a time when God left you in a difficult circumstance, maybe for a long period of time (possibly years). What did you observe about God’s timing? Did it change you?