Starting with the first weekend in November, we’re going to follow up on our recently completed seven week “Fan or Follower” sermon series with an in-depth look at a well-known Biblical character – Jonah. Jonah gives us more than a “big fish” story, he gives us some valuable insights into why and how we struggle with being obedient to God.

We’re hoping you’ll join us in worship each week and learn from Jonah’s mistakes and eventual transformation. We would also love to see you dig into these messages more deeply by being a part of an ongoing Disciple LYFE Group. These groups will help the Bible come alive for you but they’ll also put some people in your life who will encourage you, support you and challenge you to the most exciting life God has planned for you. Just stop by the Welcome Center or send us an email, we would be glad to offer you some Disciple LYFE Group options.

November 1:      Jonah Chapter 1     Somebody Should Do Something!
November 9:      Jonah Chapter 2    Its Not My Problem
November 16:    Jonah Chapter 3    I’ll Do it Already!
November 23:   Jonah Chapter 4     What Did You Expect? – Keep Centered – Pastor Neal Snider