Never Too Young

Luke 1:39-45


Can you see me now?

The first person to recognize Jesus was an unborn child.

Because of our sinful blinders Luke has to tell us the obvious.

Luke 1:39-40

Jump for joy

Children remind us that God is the happiest being in the universe.

God’s anger and sorrow are only temporary responses to a fallen world.

Luke 1:41

Who gets hurt?

Let’s put Christ back in children.

Let’s also put Christ back into the barren, troubled and grieving.

Luke 8:53-43



  1. Luke 1:39 says Mary “hurried” to see Elizabeth and Zechariah. What was she so excited about? Are you that excited to share good news? Why?


  1. Elizabeth’s baby, who would be known as John the Baptist, leapt in her womb when Mary greeted her. At the end of Luke 1:15, the angel Gabriel told John’s father, Zechariah, that John would be “filled with the Holy Spirit even from birth.” Discuss the correlation between that prophecy and the baby leaping in the womb.


  1. Elizabeth seems happier for Mary than for herself. What might she have understood about who Mary’s baby was/would be?


  1. Many in our world, including in this place today, struggle with being happy. Some have known happiness and have somehow lost it. Others have only discovered it after “life has happened.”