Martin Luther based his stand ON Scripture as he stood up to the Roman Catholic Church.

Our current understanding is often distorted by rationalization of our current circumstances.


John 8:33


We live in a time when Christianity’s foundation is suspect because of serious erosion of our cultural and political environment.

Not responding to this changing environment, has had and will continue to have grave consequences in the not so distant future.


John 8:37


Knowing the Truth gives freedom. Finding that Truth in Jesus is the only way to be truly free.

“The only way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”


Psalm 46:1




  1. Jesus was speaking to his own people, the Jews; Jews who “had believed in Him” (v31). Why do you suppose that Jesus gave them something to think about in v 31, rather than immediately challenging them?
  2. Looking at v. 35, name at least three different times in their history that the Jews / Children of Israel were slaves or at least under the rule of an outside government.
  3. In light of the fact that they were indeed held captive as a nation under several different circumstances, do you see in our place as Christians in the United States, that we are as blind as they? Is the change so gradual that we are simply conditioned to it? (Take for instance, what is allowed on TV now as opposed to 10 years ago; 30 years ago; 50 years ago. I encourage you to, also, think outside the arena of TV))
  4. Taking our lead from Martin Luther, what would you say is God’s challenge for us to move for change in our current cultural and political circumstances as individuals? As the Church? As a community?
  5. What plan would you devise to implement such change? (Remember that this would be a God-pleasing process.