Sermon –  “See”

Nov 30

Daniel 7:13-14

Luke 21:25-36


During Advent we take time to look forward to Jesus’ coming.

Too often we mistakenly think that this season of Advent is to look forward to the birth of Jesus.


Luke 1:35


When is the last time you said or heard someone say “What’s this world coming to?”

To see the signs of Jesus coming is to see that our relationship with God needs improvement.


Matt 21:27


Life creeps up on us unexpectedly. Being ready can be difficult but being “in Christ” makes it happen.

To be ready is to commit to a right relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ in EVERY aspect of our life.


Philippians 4:13




  1. We often, actually mostly, think of Advent as a time of looking forward to Jesus’ birth. Talk about your own perception of what Advent means.
  2. People have predicted the actual date and time of Jesus’ second coming and those predicted times came and nothing happened. Why? (See Luke 21:25-26)
  3. We know that the Messiah has already come to us in the form of Jesus and as Christians, that is as followers of Christ, we should be looking forward. What effect on our lives should looking forward to Jesus’ second coming have on our daily lives?
  4. What effect does it actually have on your life? What does this say about your relationship with God? (This may not be easy to discuss but be honest and share).
  5. In light of this discussion and after hearing from others in addition to your own sharing, what will you do differently today and in the future? (Note: This does not ask what you should do, but what you will do.)