Sermon – Acts 1:1-8, John 20:24-29

Wait For Hope

Thomas needed proof when Jesus really wants us to move in faith.

Sometimes it’s about proof and sometimes it’s about faith.

John 20:29

After His resurrection, Jesus gives us 40 days of proof that he is alive.

Our hope is based on the resurrection, not on proof of it.

Act 1:3

We can’t see the power of the Holy Spirit.

We CAN see the results of the power of the Holy Spirit. That is hope.

Acts 1:8


Study Questions:

  1. Thomas finally believed that Jesus was alive. How was it that Thomas came to believe it? Did it seem to be by proof or faith? Why?
  2. Thomas saw Jesus a week after Easter Sunday. In the next 40 days, Jesus appeared often. On one occasion he said, “Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, [the gift of the Holy Spirit].” Talk about the hope this must have given them? (Refer back to John 14:15-17.)
  3. Reading the end of Acts 1:5 and then verse 8, this baptism is followed by the receiving of power. Power from whom and to do what?
  4. What are we to do with the hope we have been given?  To whom does it belong? Where, if at all, does the hope stop?
  5. We have not seen but yet have believed. We are called to be witnesses to those “who have not seen.” Name some ways in which we might be the conveyors of hope. Where might that happen?