Along with His parables and The Lord’s Prayer, the portion of His Sermon on the Mount called the Beatitudes are probably Jesus’ most memorable teachings. In a nutshell, Jesus seems to be telling us in these sayings that the things the world considers only problems might prove to be at times our greatest blessings. Think of it this way, it takes extreme heat and pressure to transform carbon into a diamond. Well, we’ve got plenty of heat here in the desert and most of us have plenty of pressure. So, we should be all set for a blessed life.

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July 12 – “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit” – Matthew 5:3

July 19 – “Blessed are those who Mourn” – Matthew 5:4

July 26 – “Blessed are the Meek” – Matthew 5:5

August 2 – “Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness” – Matthew 5:6

August 9 – “Blessed are the Merciful” – Matthew 5:7

August 16 – “Blessed are the Pure in Heart” – Matthew 5:8

August 23 – “Blessed are the Peacemakers” – Matthew 5:9

August 30 – “Blessed are those who are Persecuted” – Matthew 5:10-12