That question presents itself to each of us at different times of life, in varying circumstances, and in settings that may change frequently or only occasionally. In these next weeks, we will look for God, through His Word, to lead each of us to fit into the mission He has prepared for us; to find a place like a piece of a puzzle. From Joshua in the Old Testament to Jesus’ disciples and the Apostle Paul in the New Testament. Come each week to discover your answer to “Where Do I Fit In?”

Jan 28  – “Minding My Own Business” Luke 23:23-27
Feb 4 – “For Such a Time As This” Esther 4:12-17
Feb 11 – “How Did that Hole Get There?” Mark 2:1-12
Feb 18 – “Who Patched Up the Roof?” Mark 2:1-12
Feb 25 – “Ready Or Not. Here We Come” Joshua 3:1-8
Mar 4 – “First Step Is a Doozy” Joshua 3:14-17
Mar 11 – “Tomorrow Begins Again” Joshua 4:1-7
Mar 18 – “Be All You Can Be Philippians” 4:10-13
Mar 25 – “The Miracles Keep On Happening” Luke 19:28-40

EASTER SUNDAY: “A Conversation with WHO?” – John 20:1-18